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My Greenboard is a social network, mygreenboard.comMy Greenboard users receive their own web page with account controls on which they can automatically publish ads for socially-minded organizations.

Account Set-up:

  1. SIGN-UP:  Sign-up is free, accounts are pre-configured and content is automatically updated.
  2. SELECT ORGANIZATIONSMy Greenboard users select organizations that they wish to promote from a pre-defined list.
  3. PUBLISH:  At the click of a button, ads for each of these socially minded organizations are published on a user’s web page, available for public viewing.


  1. COMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Join a team and collaborate with team members to generate the most visits (page views, click-through and scroll-over actions).  Community Challenges have a start and end time.  Teams are awarded points for the most visits scored during a Community Challenge.  Visits count when you persuade others to load your My Greenboard web page URL on their device.  Additional points are scored when visitors click on “Read More”, watch a video, or click on other content.
  2. MEET THE EXPERTS: Each Community Challenge includes the opportunity to meet representatives from the socially minded organizations you are promoting.  These representatives are seasoned advocates capable of sharing with you valuable insights into the development work they support, and of setting you up for success as an advocate for their products and/or services.
  3. SEE YOUR IMPACT: Login to your Tracker account to see real-time statistics for yourself and your team.  See the leading advocates in your area and the leading teams.

For Organizations

My Greenboard is an advertising network for merchants whose mandate supports social or environmental initiatives.  Merchants receive their own ad-page and pre-populate it with content describing their development activities and the people they help.  Once prepared, advocates can publish the ad-page and promote it during a My Greenboard Community Challenge, generating online traffic for the merchant.

    • Contact us to express your interest.  Refer us to your regional organization or business association.  We will arrange an ad-page for the association and promote the ad through our Community Challenge events.  We will then provide feedback from advocates, as well as statistical data on clicks generated.  Once you are satisfied that this is the right forum in which to promote your organization, we will set-up an account for your organization or business.
  2. SET-UP: Contact us to open an account, create advertising content and publish your ad-page on the My Greenboard network.
  3. CONNECT WITH ADVOCATES: Participate in our Community Challenges to meet advocates in person and build connections for future collaboration.
  4. SEE YOUR IMPACT: Login to your merchant account to see statistics showing all visits to your ad, how thoroughly visitors have read your ad, the click-through rate to your website, number of sales and more.
    • CLICKS:
      • The cost per click is benchmarked to the Google Display Network (GDN) click-through-rate (CTR) for Advocacy links, which is currently $0.62 USD.  Only unique clicks are counted, meaning one click per device used to visit your website, be it a smart phone, laptop or desktop, and only for clicks that originate from My Greenboard.  The CTR on GDN for Advocacy links is 0.59%.
      • To start, no sales commission is charged, to give you a chance to see if My Greenboard is a fit for your organization.  After 1,000 unique clicks, our team of experts integrates your website with our sales tracking software, and a commission of 25 percent is charged on website sales originating from My Greenboard thereafter.  Please contact us for more details.
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