We’re growing!

We thrive, thanks to our team of talented, industrious and dedicated professionals.  To support our work, please click here to donate.  All funds received go towards the following budgets.


Administrative costs include technical services such as servers, domain names, website hosting and software, as well as professional services such as legal, corporate fees and insurance costs.

My Greenboard

My Greenboard costs include ongoing development of the My Greenboard platform, as well as organizing Community Challenge events.  Together, we:

  1. Develop and manage My Greenboard platform.

  2. Grow and manage the membership for both advocates and organizations.

  3. Consult with advocates and organizations to create ad copy, images and videos that resonate with viewers.

  4. Organize Community Challenge events, bringing together advocates and organizations in an exciting, innovative environment

  5. Compile and analyze the statistical results of each Community Challenge and present findings to the My Greenboard community.

  6. Solicit feedback from advocates and merchants on the My Greenboard platform, to make improvements that will enhance future Community Challenge events.

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