Why Advocate?

Advocating offers an opportunity to practice values that you hold dear, and to feel the satisfaction of helping people in need.  Given time, experience as an advocate can also enrich your worldview and the way you identify as a human being. 

Below we present four values that we feel are fundamental for advocates.  We hope they resonate with you.    


Dignity: Stand up for others

Dignity helps us know our worth, recognize the worth of others and see the richness of humanity.

Dignity matters.  Advocating for dignity empowers people to create a better life, coexist in peace, fight poverty and shed light on injustice.  These factors are part of a global movement happening right now.  Your power to advocate on behalf of others can inspire and strengthen this movement.  We invite you to add your voice.

Our flagship tool, My Greenboard, gives you a platform on which to speak and a community standing behind you. When you raise awareness of the lives of people in need, you help turn hope into reality.  Dignity is where advocacy starts.

Creativity: Make your ideas come to life

Expressing our creativity helps us to see our dignity and the dignity inherent in all human beings.

Creativity fosters connection.  It shows us our uniqueness, it strengthens our sense of self-worth, it opens our hearts and minds to appreciate and value others, and it inspires others to do the same.

My Greenboard is a forum for creativity.  When you participate in a Community Challenge, you have the opportunity to help generate content and see your ideas come to life.  We encourage your feedback on text, images and videos.  Your insights are then used to create messages that resonate with your locality, which is our target audience.

Connection: Listen, learn, live

When we are ready to listen, others are ready to share.

When we listen to each other we open a world of possibilities, creating space for new ways of being in the world.

My Greenboard brings people together and creates a space for communities to connect.  When you join a team and participate in our Community Challenge you have an opportunity to meet and learn from the most knowledgeable advocates from each of the organizations being promoted, giving you strategies to help you work together and succeed.

Legacy: Inspire future generations

Making a difference now can reverberate through generations.

Alameda County_Keisha_1012x675

We are one people, sharing one planet we call home.  By advocating for organizations whose work is to affirm the dignity of people around the world, we strengthen our connection to each other and create the potential for cohesive action.

Imagine a world where people everywhere feel a sense of dignity.  Imagine creating fair working conditions, good job opportunities and sustainable livelihoods worldwide. Imagine living in a world where everyone takes care of the environment. Imagine creating this future for your children. We’d like to help.

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