Our Impact

Our impact is felt by the people who benefit from our advocacy.   

Our impact is felt because we measure and share results with the organizations we help, who in turn reach out to the communities of people who benefit, to show how we are working to further their causes.

Sharing results also benefits our network of advocates, organizations and funders in other ways.  Advocates and organizations use results to improve engagement, and funders receive statistics that demonstrate the impact of their contributions.

Results are measured by reporting online interactions with our tools.  For instance, My Greenboard, measures engagement by reporting web page actions such as click-through and scroll-over events.  Click-through events show us the number of unique visitors to a web page.  Scroll-over events show us the degree to which visitors read and watch the content provided by our participating organizations.  The results help My Greenboard advocates to develop best practices, and help organizations to create appealing content.  My Greenboard Community Challenges then provide a forum for advocates to hone new techniques, as well as for organizations to present new content.

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