Robert Thompson

Founder and President
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Robert is a Montreal based marketing professional and a marketplace innovator.  He develops and implements marketing and sales processes to help customers adapt to changing market conditions, gain access to new opportunities, negotiate terms and establish recurring sources of revenue.

He is passionate about civic engagement and works to ensure that business practices contribute to the betterment of humanity. He started Advocates for Dignity to provide grassroots marketing and sales systems for socially responsible organizations and businesses. This includes operating My Greenboard (, the flagship service offered by Advocates for Dignity.

My Greenboard promotes social causes through Community Challenge events, which use the internet to facilitate in-person, as well as virtual, interactions.  It places human dignity at the centre of market activity, and offers winning solutions to all parties.  Users gain experience as advocates, learn about good causes, collaborate as part of a team and compete with other teams, and learn strategies for online promotion and self-promotion.  Socially responsible organizations and businesses gain visibility for their development work and their products and services, plus connect with advocates and identify potential volunteers and potential future employees.  Last but not least, the communities helped by these organizations gain awareness of their development projects, and identify advocates who may work with them in the future.

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